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Welcome to one of my many carrds! It's kind of lazy, I know, but hey, what can you do? Work harder. It doesn't matter. Moving on... My name is Jake, I'm a 13 year old boy, and I just LOVE web design, writing, listening to music, learning about people, watching South Park, and the comedic duo Jake and Amir. I'm an ENTX and a wannabe sigma male. I take male personality types seriously, but I do understand why the whole "alpha/sigma" thing is funny. By my own definition, I'd say I can be pretty interesting to talk to, I'll get you laughing a couple of times. In fact, I think I'm pretty cool to be around, I think you'll like me.
My Instagram is @carrduser and I have open carrd commissions, if you're interested (the underlined text is a link). Sorry that this exposition wasn't so well put, it's better if you get to know me anyways. How will you get to know me, you ask? Well, you could email me, or just stop me out on the street or wherever you find me and say hello. What do I look like? I'm around 5"2 with kind of chestnut color hair, it's long-ish for a guy, I wear glasses, grey glasses, and I'm mixed asian and white if that helps... I'll often be wearing a pair of red sneakers or maybe a pair of checkered black and white slides. Just ask around, "Is your name Jake? Is your name Jake?" and at some point, probably in the state of Georgia, someone who matches the above description will say, Why yes, I am Jake, and we can become friends. I have relatively small hands, not too small though, they're big enough to be considered the hands of a healthy boy, and brown eyes, also, if that helps.

I'm totally crazy Cr ramdons


I really don't have more to offer. What else is there to say? Do you want my full typology? NeTi 4w5 so/sx lawful evil choleric melancholic. Is that good enough? And no, I didn't add custom-selection colors on this carrd, you know why? BECAUSE I'M FED UP!


South Park - Eric Cartman